Virginia Carmelo is a Master Teacher/Maestra with over 35 years of dance experience.  She began her discipline in Aztec Dance under her Maestro  Florencio Yescas, a traditional and professional dancer from Mexico City, Mexico, and credits him for the knowledge and teachings she utilizes in operating Xipe Totec Danzantes Aztecas.  Virginia has 6 children that she has engaged in this tradition, and grandchildren that she is initiating as well.  She continually attends traditional Danza ceremonies in Mexico fulfilling obligation and developing her own learning as a Danzante-  or dancer of traditional ceremonial obligation. 

Jefa Virginia Carmelo

Xipe Totec Danzantes Aztecas

Contact Virginia for more information regarding ensayos, presentations, and the annual "Celebration to Honor CuauhtĂ©moc"hosted by Xipe Totec Danzantes Aztecas, honoring the last Aztec Leader **

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Aztec: The tribal name for themselves is Mexica, and the land of the Aztec is Mexico. 

Xipe Totec Danzantes Aztecas